Orton Pro in english

Our values


We respect the uniqueness of our customers. We put our heart into building a path together with each customer, based on their needs.


We work side by side towards a shared goal. We build on each other’s strengths and expertise in order to achieve the best overall insight and superior results.


Despite our almost century-long traditions, we continue to work flexibly. We are curious about new things and go all out to solve problems – with a positive attitude.

Who are we and what do we do?

We are a coaching and expert organisation that is true to its word. We search proactively for methods and solutions to help our customers find a new direction in life. Finding employment, returning to work and training are at the core of our activities. An experienced and professional team of experts in working life training and rehabilitation work hand-in-hand with the customer.

Our approach

Our team combines expertise from multiple professions. We work closely with working life representatives in order to come up with personal and customer-oriented solutions and services that meet the needs of each customer. Our work is driven by a strong focus on results, based on the ORTON Foundation’s philanthropic values.